PEER Details over Local Network?


I have a FreePBX Distro setup connected to the internet; It’s setup fine (I think) and is behind a firewall. I wanted to make it so that I could call another computer on the network; I.E. [My Laptop] —> PBX Server —> Extention #### —> [Their Computer]. Also, to cut costs, I use a softphone rather than a real phone. This is just inter-network, so no outside lines calling in, nor inside lines calling out. What would I put in the PEER details? Localhost? Or do I really need to pay for an outside VOiP provider?

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Each phone on your network should be set-up as an extension using the extensions module. PEER Details are only used in the Trunks module, which you don’t/shouldn’t use to connect to a phone or a computer. Trunks are generally used to connect one PBX Server to another PBX Server.

If you want to use a computer as a phone, you’ll need a softphone. X-Lite is probably the most popular free software that you can download onto a windows machine and use as an extension.