Pbxxact - system down, can't open support ticket - unable to contact support

i have a system down emergency, the schmooze ticketing system just sits there and spins doing nothing. although the customer has paid support i also purchased support credits in the hope i could get a ticket open to get someone on the phone. this is really silly.

@bksales a couple of months back to provide better support for our clients that had purchased support we implemented a pay wall of sorts to get access to our support staff. With millions of systems out there our techs were spending lots of time each day working with folks that had not paid for their assistance, which was impacting response time for paying customers. So you must have support credit on the account, and choose the proper billing responsibility when opening a ticket.

There have been a couple off instances where the billing system didn’t link to the support system properly, I did see that the web development team was looking specifically at your accounts earlier and it seems to be resolved.

I apologize that this has impacted you and your client especially during a system outage, and I am reviewing our internal procedures to make certain we don’t have a repeat of this situation.