PBXact upgrade from 14 -> 15 stuck

I upgraded from PBXact 14 to 15 using these instructions:


But now I’m stuck on this page when I try to log in via the web GUI or via SSH

Appreciate any support!

Was this part of an HA pair? If so, then you wont’ be able to upgrade in place, you’ll want to install 15 from ISO and restore a backup.

Not a HA pair, it’s a single Sangoma PBXact 75 appliance.
I believe it failed about 75% during the download while upgrading via the GUI.
I made sure all the system and module updates were done before hand.


If indeed it was 75% of the way done, you can probably finish it off with fwconsole ma upgradeall from SSH or the console (root)

Thanks for reply, it seems any command I enter is ignored then the following message is repeated:

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