PBXact Sangoma Connect Broke After Update

PBX Version:

PBX Distro:

Asterisk Version:

Ran a regular update. There were no errors. After the update all the buttons in the extensions tab are greyed out and you cannot click anything (see below)

When I go to the extension under the SangomaConnect tab I see the following error in red

The following error(s) were detected

For more information about this issue please see: https://wiki.sangoma.com/display/CONNECT/Technical+Details

There is no error message at all.

In addition, when you go to edit user on the Sangoma Connect tab Enabled, Send SangomaConnect Invitation Email and Enabled EndCallTone are all greyed out and you cannot select anything.

If I look at the Sangoma Connect module I see the following:

SangomaConnect: Running

CloudConnect Agent Status: Running

Domain: removedforsecuritycorrect.connect.sangoma.com

Deployment id: 4xxxxxxxx (Removed for security but correct)

Please verify

  1. The extension linked to that User is PJSIP extension.
  2. The user has a valid email ID.
  3. You still have free zulu/sangoma connect user license(If you have license for 2 users then you will be able to enable SC only for 2 users and will not be allowed to enable SC for 3rd user)

Thank you.

All 3 requirements are met. Have PJSIP, valid email and all users have valid license.

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