PBXact Not Honoring DST in GUI

I just noticed something when trying to pull CDRs. Though the time on the server reports the correct time - 15:47 - all of the times in the GUI including the call detail records and call recordings are showing 1 hour earlier. The logs/full log is showing the correct time & the time is being displayed on the phones correctly. The time zone is set correctly. Everything I’ve found is right except for the CDRs, call recordings, and server time shown in the GUI.

My hunch is that the GUI components are not adjusting for daylight savings time, but I’ve not found any way to control this. Any ideas of where I could set it? (Not hurting anything, but a pain to have to shift times back and forth in my head whenever looking up a call.)

In Advanced Settings, check that PHP Timezone is correctly set.

It is - closest is America/Detroit. I know they honor DST in Detroit as well as my brother lives in a suburb. :slight_smile:

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