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so i have the pbxact 60 with sangoma 305 phones. i have come pretty far and now have my phones pulling the correct extension. the problem i am running into is the phones can call each other but once you pick up the phone you can not here anything on the phone.

Currently i have the entire system setup in a lab environment right now for testing. The lab subnet has outside connectivity. I will eventually setup the phones with DIDs through a PRI connection.

Can anyone pass advice my way as to why the internal connections arent passing voice?

Are the phones on the Lab subnet?

yup, as of now in the lab the controller and the phones are on the same subnet and have connectivity to the outside world.

Have you setup the NAT setting since the SIP Settings module and also the local subnets?

i have not set that up yet. i was trying to set them up 100% internal at the moment to test before i put in production. I have a PRI card inserted that i will end up using. when i call the other phones they ring i just cant hear anything once i pick it up to start testing voice. is it not possible internally without an external service (SIP/PRI)?

For sure you can use service without a trunk but you still need to define your local subnets in the sip settings module.

The ringing/signaling is handled on the SIP ports. The audio traverses the RTP ports 10000-20000. Usually call setup working + no audio is a firewall or NAT issue. if everything is behind the same router, make sure you do not have NAT turned on the SIP and extension settings.

So i disabled all NAT policies and i now have audio! Thanks to everyone for the input. I am watching the videos on sangoma university but i feel like his build is out of date from the current one.

Could be, these are the current:

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What version of PBXact do you have?

Right now i am running version 12.7.5-1805-3.sng7

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