PBXact Login Page Not working

Why do I get this when trying to log into PBXact?
I assume it’s something similar to FreePBX so I’m reaching out to anyone who can assist me with this. The system is only four months old. I don’t feel I should have to pay for support when this system isn’t that old. Furthermore, it only had a problem after an update.
I cannot seem to get my system working correctly. Can someone please help me with this?


Dumb question but what are you expecting to see exactly?

This looks like part of the screen we get for the login prompt of FreePBX, is the problem is that you only see that?

Have you tried clearing your browser cache in case the problem is something as simple as that?

Good luck and have a nice day!


What version of freepbx

FreePBX 14 is what I downloaded.

How did you get 14 on pbxact? The pbxact product line has no support for 14 at this time

I downloaded it from FreePBX.org and followed the procedures to restore my PBXact server according to the WiKi papers on it.

It looks like I downloaded from the like at the top of the site which is now version 14.
I assumed this might have been a bug because I kept using my deployment ID and that’s when it would become a problem.
But I suppose it was the actual PBXact system causing the problem with version 14?

I will attempt to use the other img download for 13 and upgrade to PBXact again. I have no more Zend resets left. Is there some way to refresh this so I can restore?

@papaecho11 Correct, it’s because we haven’t rolled out PBXact 14 just yet as there are a few more things we need to put in place. As for the zend reset, I responded to you via a support ticket regarding this.