PBXact High Availability adding Node B does not work


After doing a fresh install on node B (PBXact 13 HA) I can not add this machine to the cluser. I keep getting this error :

“Checking that the other node is configured.
Asterisk UID Mismatch. Run ‘Verify’ on other node.”

Node A is running without any troubles.
What should I do ?

Gr. Bart.


Here is some additional info :

Both machines are PBXact UC100 running on version 10.13.66-22 .
On both dashboards there are no faults visible, only green V’s

Gr. Bart.

Good luck with that. HA has always been problematic. I’ve never used it myself but everyone I’ve ever interacted with that has used it has had problems. Not to mention the HA documents recommend Asterisk 11 and only using Chan_SIP. Two things that are no longer supported really.

Then there is the fact that Distro 6 (10.66.x and older) are EOL. So while FreePBX 13 modules may get bug/security fixes the underlying OS for Distro 6 isn’t being touched. HA fixes would probably require that as it does things at the OS level.

The fact you have PBXact vs just FreePBX might get you some leeway as that is a 100% a commercial platform but you’re going to have to deal with Sangoma support on it.

Are you on the same LAN?

Per who got banned?


This configuration has been working perfect for several weeks but then I decided to make a fresh install on Node B because of a lot of errors in this Node.

So nothing was changed. Both machines are in the same LAN. There is a cable between Eth1 of Node A and Eth1 of Node B.

Gr. Bart.

This is saying that the asterisk UID on the current machine does not match the asterisk uid on the new machine.

This is unusual, as the uid has been hard-coded for a long time now. However, this is a commercial support issue, and the commercial support guys will be able to help you out. Just open a ticket in portal.sangoma.com against the deployment and they’ll get it sorted.

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