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I’m currently deploying a PBXact appliance for a client. In EPM when I click “Add Extension” it’s showing me extensions like 220-1, 220-2, 220-3 etc.

If I go to my extensions page this just looks like extension 220. Anyone know the cause of this?

Here’s what I’ve done to get here. With over 100 phones I used bulk handler to upload extensions. From there I used command line to get everything in EPM by using the following command:

fwconsole epm addmapping 700 --brand=sangoma —template=sangoma_default --account=account1

This worked for about 100 phones but can’t get it to work for the rest.


You have the extension’s max-contacts >1, and are using PJSIP.

Yes I’m using PJSIP. I’m not sure what max-contacts >1 is or how to change it though? Guess I’m confused as it worked for many other phones but decided to not work for this group. Any additional insight?

applications > extensions > 220 > advanced > control-f “max”

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Wow spot on, thanks! Would you happen to know a way to do this in bulk? Looks like I have about 50 with this issue. My other 100 PJSIP phones say 1 so not sure how it happened.

Or I guess I could just change my EPM commands to like 220-1 ? Not sure if this is something I should be worried about…

fwconsole mysql
update sip set data=1 where keyword=“max_contacts”;
fwconsole reload

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Thank you! This worked and solved my problem!