PBXACT DDNS using old external ip for over hour; DDNS still pings old external ip

My internet provider is changing the external ip too often; so I thought I would buy System Admin for DDNS. It has changed my ip address before but now it is over an hour and it is still pinging to my old external ip. The detected ip (in system admin) says the new ip but still ddns isn’t updating. Is this a known flaw that if the internet service provider gives out the old ip before the new ip is recognized it doesn’t update.

As of signing up for freepbx community this is pinging to old ip an hour and a half. If i need to power cycle the server to make the ddns behave that isn’t very helpful.

I have told asterisk to (apply config) as a partial restart. No change. The log doesn’t show the notice of changed ip.

Yes, networking isn’t a strong point of mine.

I stepped away for 40 min and DDNS reset. Over two hours for DDNS to reset.

It may be possible to fix that.

What country are you in? Who is your ISP? Type of connection (cable, fiber, DSL, VDSL, fixed wireless, mobile data, etc.)? Do you own the modem? If not, are customer owned modems permitted? Does the modem have a built in router? Approximately how often does the IP address change?

Alternatively, it may be possible to run a script that checks your IP address every minute and immediately reloads Asterisk when a change is detected.

Originally, I thought my ip only changed when my modem would jam. But after all this trouble with the phone not working, I realized the ip was changing even when the web browser was still working (during last thunderstorm, three times an hour). I am in Baltimore and Verizon wasn’t allowed permits to run fiber so the only option is dsl or cable. My modem/router is d-link vender supplied. I was told that Comcast external ip doesn’t change often, so I put in an install service before realizing ddns wasn’t a fast fix.

Would your code be different then the default pjsip 300sec recheck (dnsmgr)? I didn’t contact Voyant (trunk provider) to see if they have chan_sip settings. Sipstation has seemed more robust with ip changes but i didn’t want to buy 3-4 trunks when Voyant is pay per min with 10 concurrent calls.

Sitting here writing this, I am wondering why if asterisk has dnsmgr would ddns even be needed?

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