PBXact & D100 Transcoder Card Installation

Purchased a UC100 PBXact appliance along with a D100 Transcoder card.

Was informed this should be a plug and play install but I’m not finding anything in the GUI that would allow me to install this card without performing the CLI routines defined here:


NOTE: I have installed this card and had it working 100% on the appliance, however, I wasn’t comfortable with that due to some issues I had to overcome in following the documented process.

Before I go down the road compiling drivers/modules is there a GUI method in FreePBX that will identify and setup the card on the system?

I think, in the current version there is no such feature. The GUi only detects the dahdi based voice cards. Hope it can be added in future.

I talked with support yesterday and there is no GUI feature. The steps I performed were:

  1. install the hardware into the PBXact appliance
  2. Using PBXact GUI to give eth3 the proper ip addresses
  • Modules>System Admin>Network Settings>Network Interface = eth3
  1. then build the software as outlined in the wiki documentation from cli
  2. test to ensure the d100 is working as expected also from cli
  3. modify /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
  • load=codec_sangoma.so
  • noload=res_timing_pthread.so
  • noload=res_timing_timerfd.so
  1. GUI: modify the extensions disallowed&allowed statements for proper codec
  2. GUI: set Asterisk SIP settings to enable G729 codec and move it up higher in order

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