PBXact Can Login but after that nothing works

i have this brand new installation of FreePBX 14 SNG7. Actually i have it deployed in a PBXact hardware so after activation i got PBXAct.

The thing here is after i got this up and working fine through console, only the login interface in the GUI works, i have the Admin, Operator, etc… icon. i can click on the admin, and login pop-ups comes up, but after that the only thing that i have is top menu and its drop-down, and the profile, and logut button. but every time i click any option i have a red flag in the top of the page without any text or message and that it is.

when i go to fwconsole options in the console dbug, fileaccess, modules. everything is working fine.

the .iso i deployed was SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1805-1.iso

It seems to be something easy

Upgrade modules with:

fwconsole ma upgradeall

If that doesn’t resolve things, open a PBXact support ticket and we’ll take a look.

Thanks Lorne!,
i did that before and everything still the same.
so im opening ticket.

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