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PBXact Asterisk Phonebook


I seem to have a telephone number incorrectly saved to the Asterisk Phonebook. Checking with Superfecta test, the Asterisk Phonebook returns the wrong name. On Freepbx I could go to Admin -> Asterisk Phonebook but it’s not available on the PBXact and the Contacts doesn’t list it.

Can anyone tell me how this phonebook can be edited.


(Tony Lewis) #2

We don’t support that module as it was EOL in favor of speed dials module. The old phone book module is not installed on PBXact.

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

A single entry can be fixed from the Asterisk Console using the following as a guide:

*CLI> database get cidname 6665551212
Value: Whitehouse
*CLI> database put cidname 6665551212 Kremlin
Updated database successfully
*CLI> database get cidname 6665551212
Value: Kremlin
*CLI> database del cidname 6665551212
Database entry removed.
*CLI> database get cidname 6665551212
Database entry not found.

It’s time to abandon the Phonebook and use the Contact Manager for your entries.


Thanks Lorne, this worked great.

This is a pbxact appliance and it has the phone book module installed. Do versions matter? It’s about a year old.