PBXact Asterisk Phonebook

I seem to have a telephone number incorrectly saved to the Asterisk Phonebook. Checking with Superfecta test, the Asterisk Phonebook returns the wrong name. On Freepbx I could go to Admin -> Asterisk Phonebook but it’s not available on the PBXact and the Contacts doesn’t list it.

Can anyone tell me how this phonebook can be edited.


We don’t support that module as it was EOL in favor of speed dials module. The old phone book module is not installed on PBXact.

A single entry can be fixed from the Asterisk Console using the following as a guide:

*CLI> database get cidname 6665551212
Value: Whitehouse
*CLI> database put cidname 6665551212 Kremlin
Updated database successfully
*CLI> database get cidname 6665551212
Value: Kremlin
*CLI> database del cidname 6665551212
Database entry removed.
*CLI> database get cidname 6665551212
Database entry not found.

It’s time to abandon the Phonebook and use the Contact Manager for your entries.

Thanks Lorne, this worked great.

This is a pbxact appliance and it has the phone book module installed. Do versions matter? It’s about a year old.

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