PBXact and DPMA

I recently reached out to sales but they could not answer my question. We are considering purchasing a number of PBXact units and are wondering if DPMA will work on PBXact. While we have a number of Sangoma phones we will be using with PBXact we also have a large number of Digium phones as well, I would say the number is split nearly in half 50/50. All of our Digium phones are setup using DPMA and the digium phones module in FreePBX, in turn the Sangoma phones are setup using the Endpoint manager and this works well, however the features DPMA provides for the Digum phones are much better left to DPMA, respectfully. While I was not able to get a clear answer it seems the Digium addons module is installable on the PBXact platform according to http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Digium+Addons is the Digium Phones module also installable in the same manner?

Thank you!

We do not support DPMA with PBXact. Its closed source software that we have no control over as its built by Digium so its not included or supported in PBXact.