PBX tda600 Incoming calls and outbound not working

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Hi there maybe someone had the same problem or close to me,

I have a problem with my pbx, i cannot make outside calls and i dont receive calls from outside, 95% of the time doesnt work sometimes work but to rare,

I am conected in pbx system as Admin, i dont see any error with ELCOT16 its with green light, + when ever i call outside it fails and i can hear our devices working where pbx is located.

Thank you

Panasonic tda600 incoming calls outbound calls not working
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Panasonic tda600 incoming calls outbound calls not working For more then a week our system isnt working good,i cannot make calls outside or receive calls from outside sometimes works but 95% of the time doesnt work. anyone had the same experience? what do you recommend me to do? + When i call outboud.

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First of all, could get more help by providing FreePBX and TDA600 interconnection.

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actually i only have pbx kx tda600, but i am hoping for help in many places i am stuck with this issue

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What relationship have TDA600 incoming and outbounds calls problem with FreePBX???

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I’ve moved it to the Off-Topic category which is for off topic stuff like this.

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I posted me issue here so any member can help me with my issue( free to help ) anyone can share its own experience :slight_smile:

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