PBX System Open Closed

Hello all,

During the Holidays I created two announcement recordings for Christmas/NY. We were open mid week last week so I switched it back to our normal announcement. For the NY break I changed the announcement to our NY recording. Apparently some customers that called during the NY break were getting our Christmas recording. I tested it a few times after I applied the configuration and it was working fine for me. Does anyone have an idea why this would happen?


Please provide screenshots of your time conditions and time groups as well as a call trace via pastebin: Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

Did you mess around with inbound-routes? Did you create several announcements? Maybe there was a Christmas-leftover-announcement and an inbound route (CID?, DID?), which pointed to it?

I did not have any issues during the Christmas weekend. The only thing I changed was the recording.

I’m going to try running the debug when my senior IT guy comes back from Vacay.


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