Pbx sizing

SETUP: PIAF Purple 1.8.1 using an ATOM D525MW w/10-channel PRI, mixture of 301 & 501 polycom phones and 3-snom PA1, total of 48 devices, 10 via MPLS link.
Paging is being done on the phones and the PA1’s. Recently found the PA1’s were hung up and some phones in an off hook state. The PA1’s had to be reset (remove power & reboot) to get them to work again.

I have found that the PA1’s are not getting a “BYE” to close the session and I suspect this is true of the off-hook phones.
Recently the console out which feeds a set of paging horns was playing MOH which happen to be a commercial. The message ended and paging resumed.

This condition became apparent after upgrading FREEPBX to 2.10.0rc1.3. The status page on FREEPBX indicates plenty of resources. CPU below 10%, APP Memory at 23%, Disk at 22%.

How to resolve the paging and “BYE” problem? Does this system need to upgrade hardware-processing power or downgrade FREEPBX back to 2.8 or 2.9 or all of the above?
Welcome any and all solutions.

Are you using meetme or app conference for your paging engine?

I am only using the gui interface provided and selecting extensions I want to page.
I have modified the sip.cfg for the polycom phones for ring answer and setup the snom device to default settings for paging.

meetme is being used.