PBX MFA not working for Authenticator App

Figured I would post and see if anyone can pass along any clues.

I loaded the PBX MFA module on two different PBXact servers, one if 15.x, and one is 16.x just for seeing if it made any difference.

When I enable it, if I use EMAIL or CALL for validation it works, I will get an email with the one time code, or on phone I get the request to hit #.

The issue is trying to use an Authenticator app. If I tell it to use that as it’s validation method, then it says it’s enabled, but I get no email to setup the app, with no QR code. It also seems if I try and login when MFA is set to auth app, it let’s me login just fine with no additional factor, just enter my password and have a nice day.

So I feel like it should be setup right, it will verify and work fine with EMAIL or CALL, just not APP. I have disabled and re-enabled, even gave it a custom email to make sure it thought something was there, but no luck. Then I went back and tried it on an older PBXact 15.x system, but same exact outcome.

At this point, I am not sure where to look, and help appreciated…

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