PBX Memory issue- Alarm on PRTG. PLease help resolve

Please Help to check the memory information on Asterisk PBX machine _ PBX Memory issue - Alarm on PRTG as shown below. PLease help check and resolve this. I am new to PBX system.

Sounds like your PBX need more RAM. Either add RAM if physical machine or assign it more memory if virtual.

How can I check the memory usage in PBX system?

The FreePBX admin dashboard will give you that information or you can SSH into the system and run htop.


Below screenshot shows the memory usage of my PBX. How do I analyse it? This is one week memory statistics. What is the total free space available?
In PRTG it shows only 3% free, Here how can I see that free space?

I’ve mentioned it above. Your RAM usage you can analyze by SSHing into the pbx and running HTOP. This is a function of administrating the operating system and not FreePBX that’s running on top of it.

Below is the htop output from PBX, It shows we still have enough memory space available. right?
Then what is that alarm pertaining to? Anything wrong with the memory sensor?

It shows you have s huge number of asterisks active , is it crashing ?

Multiple asterisk, It can be a single IP PBX right? how multiple you are saying?
Does each user means a single asterisk?

It looks to me as though it is showing threads, rather than processes, and there is only one Asterisk.

The high Used figure is the problem here. That is memory that is actually allocated to programs. I would want to know what was happening when it jumped up and what was happening when it went down again. I’m guessing that the latter is a reboot, as that is what would lead to a very low cached figure, that then builds up, and a low swap figure.

I’d suggest something has a memory leak, but it only happens in rare circumstances, and working out what happened when it jumped up may give a clue as to what those are.

How much swap space do you have, as that seems to have been depleted very quickly?