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Pbx_international_calls low threshold on one but not another?

(Adolfo) #1

I have a PBX that for some reason every time they make some occasional international calls, RMS sends me an alert (ID 1507) for “PBX international calls trending up: last 5 minutes average change:…”

Yet, i don’t seem to get this alert on other PBXes that also make international calls…

What’s also odd… in RMS… The PBX that gives me these alerts has the pbx_international_calls check under the group app > freepbx, but other PBXes don’t have this check in any group… or the check at all.

Is there a way to change this threshold? or how to i change the checks per node?

the agent status appears to be version “0.0.5+157” and backend “” for most nodes.

(Moises Silva) #2

Hey @adolfoc

We’ll be working on improving that check soon. In the meantime we’ll probably disable it as we found out the definition is just not right (without going into much details, the average metric window is too narrow, so it’s very prone to false positives). Can you file a JIRA ticket please?

As for tweaking the threshold. It’s something we definitely want to get done. I can’t make promises on timing, but it’s one of the features at the top of the list. Feel free to file a JIRA for the threshold tweaks as well. We have an internal issue for it but if you file an issue will help keep track of people from the community who has asked for it.


(Adolfo) #3

cool, created ticket RMS-990

(Moises Silva) #4