Pbx + home automation?


I’m looking for an device wich makes home automation integrated with a pbx ip or legacy pbx. An extension wich i call and with dtmf i can control lamps, doors, etc.

Any about that?

thanks in advance

Me too! Let me know if you find anything!

My initial thought would be to combine an FXO or FXS port with something you’d buy from Smarthome.com or http://www.sandman.com/.

Deep in the bowels of Asterisk, there is a protocol called xPL that allows Asterisk to interface with home automation systems which also speak xPL. There are even sound files related to Home Automation in the Extra Sounds package.

At one time, there was an open-source system called Pluto Home which integrated home control with an Asterisk server. It was a reasonably elegant solution which integrated smaller hubs in “orbits” around a server for distributed control of lighting and media. Pluto Home seems to have disappeared sometime after 2007. I tried the www.plutohome.com link today and got no response.

HomeSeer home automation software has some integration for xPL through a software plug-in. There has been very little interest between home automation and PBX providers for close integration. I would love to see the ability to control lighting, thermostats, etc. through a large screen phone like the Aastra 6757i and the like. I’m sure many things are possible through XML scripts if someone took an interest.

I installed a SIP plug-in application on my HomeSeer system which allows me to define an extension on Asterisk which allows HomeSeer to announce incoming calls, and even provide a menu of options to a caller for home automation services.

My system will turn on paging speakers in the home, chime and announce caller ID on incoming calls. I can dial an extension and select pre-programmed activities such as “All Lights Off” using the phone’s touch tone pad. When I arrive home and turn off the alarm system, my system will tell me how many new voice mails and emails are waiting for me.

A lot of self-programming is needed to make it all work but if you’re adventurous, go for it. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Good luck!

You might want to give LinuxMCE a try.

It does include Asterisk, and Pluto seems to have merged in to LinuxMCE.


As I just discovered this myself, I cannat add any more usefull information.
This page shows the main fetures of LinuxMCE:
http://linuxmce.com/index.php/features, home automation and climate control is done through Pluto.

I did manage to get the RS232 port working on my TB server. I could set up an IVR dial in to it select the option of what I wanted to do ie: heating on, heating off, lights on, hot water on or off etc. The dialplan then caused text to be sent from the RS232 port. I connected a PIC or a PLC that was programmed to listen for certain characters and turn things on or off.

I got as far as turning LED’s on and off or on for a predifined amount of time, then I knew I could easily finish the project and lost interest. I still like the idea of turning the heating on when I am on the way home and it cold. It was the thought of running the wires through my house that put me off.

hope this helps


I recently discovered z-wave products: http://www.z-wave.com which has a line of wireless consumer devices for lighting and climate controls, etc. Seems like there is decent integration with the LinuxMCE project.

This is an interesting thread. I keep meaning to search for a water sensor, preferably connectable via Ethernet or WiFi, that I can link up to the Asterisk server and run scripts (drop call files into the spool, etc) when the sensor is activated. I feel like there are over 101 ways this could be accomplished and just haven’t gotten to the project yet.

Ideally, this would be used to notify our maintenance guy when the sump pump isn’t working. I also want to do this when there is a power outage & think that could be handled a number of different ways also.

you can get diallers for alarm systems, a contact closure would cause it to make a call via an analogue extension on asterisk, it would play you a recorded message, you would probably enter a code to confirm that you got the message and stop it calling other people.

This isn’t doing anything clever at all with asterisk but it is an off the shelf soloution that would work on any system with an analogue extension or on an analogue line.

my rs232 project for turning on the heating could only send data from asterisk and had no way of receiving data, but if someone could write code you could use a PLC to send messages to asterisk and trigger it to make the call, play messages, tell you what the water level is etc.

It would be intersting to find a simple ethernet device with a few inputs and a few outputs that allowed you to control things via ethernet. Did a little google and found one. 24 ports programmable as either in or out. you’d need to be able to program it and write code so that it could talk to asterisk but it could be the begining of a cool project…

Well, I was just thinking about something basic that can talk to a Linux box just enough to get it to run a script that copies a call file into the spool. This could be via rs232, but preferably Ethernet. If it can trigger a bash script, it can make calls through Asterisk.


I forgot to include the link to the unit I found $120.00 all you’d need is this and some code writing for it and for asterisk. I am sure you could connect a float switch directly to it.

NICE! Thanks for the link!