Pbx-gui keeps banning a Trusted and Whitelisted IP

Had to create a new Post as the old one was closed as I thought it was solved.

It was not.

I’ve updated the Firewall and Sysadmin to the EDGE ones, but it’s STILL Banning Whitelisted IPs!

Why is this?!?!

I’m at my wits end, it’s blocking my mobile phone so I can’t receive calls when I’m out and about. Something’s gone mad and it needs fixing ASAP. How the hell do I sort this, short of just turning off the whole bloody Firewall and being done with it? (Which I don’t do, don’t start).

I have tried everything short of re-installing the whole of FPBX. I will try this next. If this doesn’t fix it, I will not be happy.

How are you whitelisting a roaming mobile device?

I’m not, but ever since I installed the lastest Firewall Update, my phone has refused to connect to the PBX, and it keeps banning any IP that I connect to it when trying to access it via SSH or the GUI, instantly. I’ve tried from three IPs that are all Whitelisted, one at home and two at work. All three are Whitelisted, but all three keep getting Banned by the Fail2Ban part of the Firewall.

Re-installed, during setup asked if the IP I was on is Trusted, clicked yes, activated the Firewall, and my IP is insta-banned.

This is rediculous, the Firewall is seriously broken.

After fighting with it, and changing settings I’d rather not have to, I’ve now managed to stop it banning my IPs.

Annoyingly it means the Web Management is set to Internet on the Core Services. Removing it makes it inaccessable, even to Whitelisted IPs that are meant to be able to bypass the Firewall.

I’ve had to tighten Fail2Ban’s Banning settings to Ban for a year anyone who fails to login twice to try to keep the system secure.

It’s not great - but at least I can access it without having to fight with it.

Going with it is you and not Firewall.

If this was actually the way things worked, everyone would be complaining.

Fancy trying to explain how on earth it could be me, rather than just posting a sarcastic and unhelpful reply?

There is no information here to let anyone help you. Barring that useful type of information, the simple answer is that you have something setup wrong.

If fail2ban was broken as you imply, then there would more than you posting.

I manage multiple distro-based FreePBX systems and have no issues with Intrusion Detection (as pbx-gui is part of fail2ban) doing anything untoward.

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