Pbx-gui keeps banning a Trusted and Whitelisted IP

I have no idea why, and it’s getting really annoying, but when my Server restarts for any reason, pbx-gui keeps banning my IP even though it’s Trusted on the Firewall and Whitelisted on Fail2Ban.

The only way I can get in is to log into my host and SSH in that way, to then remove the ban via the command line. The IP is then no longer banned until I restart the Server.

Obviously it’s rare that I reboot the box, but having to unban myself when I shouldn’t be banned is a serious pain in the backside.

Any suggestions?

What’s the Firewall and sysadmin version you are using?

Available on line right now.

| firewall             | 15.0.27     | Enabled and up to date                       | AGPLv3+     |
| sysadmin             |  | Enabled and up to date                       | Commercial  |

Maybe I can suggest you to make your system up to date (yum update -y and fwconsole ma updateall)

This issue has been fixed.

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However, feel free to download these version from EDGE if necessary. (If you don’t get these versions from stable).

fwconsole ma downloadinstall firewall --edge.
fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin --edge.

Next don’t forget to reload

fwconsole r

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