Pbx_config creating incorrect entries in extensions_additional.conf

I had the Class of Service module installed, but I decided that I would do dialplan restrictions a different way (copying and modifying a template in Endpoint Manager), so I uninstalled it. It gave me an error when it uninstalled, saying that it failed to run the uninstaller script. Now there are still these entries in extensions_additional.conf:

;include => outbound-restricted-routes-custom
;exten => _[+0-9].,1,Macro(user-callerid,LIMIT)
;exten => _[+0-9].,n,Set(ROUTEUSER=${IF($["${EXTTOCALL}"!=""]?${EXTTOCALL}:${AMPUSER})})
;exten => _[+0-9].,n,GotoIf($["${BLINDTRANSFER}" == “”]?notblind)
;exten => _[+0-9].,n,Set(ENDPOINT=${CUT(BLINDTRANSFER,-,1)})
;exten => _[+0-9].,n,Set(ROUTEUSER=${CUT(ENDPOINT,/,2)})
;exten => _[+0-9].,n(notblind),GotoIf($[${LEN(${ROUTEUSER})}>0 & ${DB_EXISTS(AMPUSER/${ROUTEUSER}/outroute_hash)}]?${DB(AMPUSER/${ROUTEUSER}/outroute_hash)},${EXTEN},2:outbound-allroutes,${EXTEN},2)

;exten => h,1,Hangup

;–== end of [outbound-restricted-routes] ==–;

;include => restrictedroute-cfcd208495d565ef66e7dff9f98764da-custom
;exten => null,1,Noop(Unused Variable)

;exten => h,1,Hangup

;exten => i,1,Goto(bad-number,s,1)

;–== end of [restrictedroute-cfcd208495d565ef66e7dff9f98764da] ==–;

and in [from-internal-additional]

the line:

;include => outbound-restricted-routes ; extensionroutes

I commented them out to troubleshoot, which allows the restrictions to go away. It’s restricting dialing extensions over an IAX trunk to another site. Obviously when I make a change in the GUI the commented out lines are uncommented again.

/var/log/asterisk/full tells me:
[2017-09-25 11:05:37] VERBOSE[19551] pbx.c: Including context ‘outbound-restricted-routes’ in context ‘from-internal-additional’

How do I get pbx_config to stop adding those entries to extensions_additional? I tried reinstalling and uninstalling the module a couple of times to no avail. If Class of Service is causing me problems this way, I want to get rid of the changes that it makes, not reinstall it and set it up to allow calling between sites.

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These contexts are generated by the Extension Routes module, not the COS module.

Ok, I see, thank you. I looked at the Admin manual for Extension Routes, and it says that CoS modifies settings in in it. I see in module admin that the Extension Routes module is installed and is a commercial version. I compared it to another FreePBX system that I have already set up, and the other system shows a non-commercial version of Extension routes installed. I see that all my outbound routes settings on this system show what appears to be none of the extensions allowed to use the Outbound Routes. On the other FreePBX system outbound routes doesn’t show that in Additional Settings. How do I remove the Extension Routes settings on the outbound routes to remove the restrictions? What happens if I just uninstall the Extension routes module?

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edited for clarification

I fixed this issue by uninstalling the Extension Routes module. I expect that was more sledgehammer than I had to do, but I got the end result that I needed. Thank you for pointing me at that module.