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Hello, I do not know if the problem is the communication between the pbx and the fop or other, but when it is the conference, users who connect have the microphone turned off, but the icons of the fop signal on … the only way to to understand if they are really turned on or off is to update the browser page. It is complicated to use it this way. I have tried with 3 different browsers but the problem remains.
To explain better:

  • I enter the FOP
  • I click on the toggle mute icon
  • I update the page so I see the icon with the signal off
  • I turn on the microphone with toggle mute
  • reload the page to see the icon with the signal on
  • turn off the microphone with mute toggle
  • load the page to see them off

a disaster!

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

This is a FOP question. Please ask in the FOP community.

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I’ll take a stab here…
FOP2 under normal circumstances doesn’t control the phones. I’m not sure what you mean by toggle mute… but I do know that if the phone isn’t sending hints about mute, pressing mute on the phone won’t show up on FOP2.

Is FOP2 working otherwise? It may be that you need to generate the “hooks” into your dialplan for FOP2.

Meanwhile, FOP2 does have a user forum, and the author of the program is usually pretty quick to answer questions.

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