Pbx.c: Maximum PBX stack exceeded -- Does Freepbx have the same issue as Elastix?

Dear all,

My Elastix server has 21 outbound routes, 23 trunks, 337 inbound routes , 84 Misc applications , 132 Misc Destinations .
We use Misc applications and Misc Destinations to transfer call to user’s mobile by using simple codes like 33XXX . As the Misc applications inscrease , we got this issue:every time we add a misc application item ,and one of the outbound routes will be disable(doesn’t work any more).
The log warming is : pbx.c: Maximum PBX stack exceeded
I believe we reach the limit of the ELastix , AST_PBX_MAX_STACK (128). Maybe it’s like : AST_PBX_MAX_STACK = outbound routes(21) + trunks(23) + misc applications(84) = 128
Does Freepbx 11 or 13 have the same limit AST_PBX_MAX_STACK (128)?
Please advise , thanks and looking forward your reply.

In Sangoma distro 7 with freepbx 14 the limit is 512 (you must use the distro for this)

Plus misc applications is one single context now so even if you used just freepbx 13+ without the distro you’d gain 84


it helps me a lot, thanks so much