Pbx backup trunk route problems!

Hello FreePBX.

I am at a point where I know sometimes my trunk are not functioning because OF THE provider.

That being saied I have setup other providers.

So in the outbound route,
I have for ex. one trunk(1) and underneath another trunk(2)

When one was not working tunk(2) would take up.

But that is not happening all the time and this feature is very questionable and is not viable.

Why is that? The code? Or the provider that does not follow some kind of signalling standards thus that would enable correct swtiching?

The pbx does not see when the trunk cant do something.



This is the problem.

[2013-03-14 03:17:04] WARNING[6408] chan_sip.c: Received response: “Forbidden” from ‘“Anewrererer3wre” sip:[email protected]:5061;tag=as378ea72b’

this trunk now is forbidden and the exact same route another host is funcional…?!

So this failure is not reconized by the program maybe I could program it myself.

Its an asterisk code style “if” above cause then trunk number 2 ? The program would deal with unknown cause that would be customized?