PBX at datacenter or at office?

We have a 15 user phone system at our office running VOIP SIP over coax. But we have a Datacenter offsite with rock solid fiber connection, and have VPN between the 2 locations. We’re having a bit of jitter currently and like the idea of always up PBX since its in a controlled cluster DC. Should we:

  1. Run the PBX at the Datacenter and have the extensions connect over VPN?
  2. Run the PBX at the Datacenter and have the extensions connect over WAN?
  3. Keep the PBX at the office?

It depends on what you are trying to design. I could think of lots of use cases to keep it in the office (stand alone), or in the datacenter. It depends on so many factors.

My opinion is to architect the experience you want for your callers and callees, across a variety of scenarios (normal operation, outage power, outage network, etc.) balance that against costs (equipment and human maintenance) and let that be your guide.

Jitter is almost ALWAYS a network problem, make sure all your routers are prioritizing RTP over anything else.

Generally this is referred to as QoS settings in your various routers, there is no vanilla answer

If you choose to move it to your datacenter, then connect over WAN, VPN has a bigger chance of going down than simple WAN to LAN rules.

However, like dicko said, if you are having issues in your current setup, you might have as well when your PBX will be at your datacenter.

I’m more wondering if it’ll be more stable having SIP trunk at the Datacenter then using pjsip over wan from the office to the datacenter. The benefits is if internet is down at office, our PBX will still work and we’ll voicemail to email as well as forwarding to cell. But we’ll have that 15+ connections between. Also unsure if voip should go through wan or vpn.

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