PBX and Active Directory

Hi Everyone,

I’m using non-distro freePBX 13 on Centos 7. I don’t have option to auth with Active Directory. Is that feature available only for Distro or I’m missing something? If so, is there any other way to integrate freePBX with AD? I upgraded all modules to latest versions.

One more question: Can I enable selinux on distro-pbx and building a semodule to allow prohibiting actions?

Thank you very much!

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Can someone help me with this?

What version are you running?

It is available now in freepbx 13

As you can see from my first post, I’m using freePBX 13, but non-distro (created manually). I’ve followed every step in manual, many times, but Active Directory option never showed up. I also tried freepbx-distro, and yes, Active Directory appeared. But for some security policy, we are not allowed to use distro, so I have to do it manually. I you need, I will provide you with screenshots.

Thanks for reply

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Same situation, I am running FreePBX on CentOS 7.
Were you able to resolve the issue?

It won’t show up because you need to install the php-ldap extension. This is a PHP extension.