Pbdirectory, Phonebook broken, refuses to unload for reloading 2.5.0

Phonebook reported BROKEN as of most recent updates.
update did not work.
Still “Broken"
I chose to remove it from system and reload
Upon removal it says
” Phonebook Directory tool Not Installed (Available online: 2.5.0) "
If I choose download and install, I get, repeatedly…

Downloading pbdirectory
Untarring…Error(s) downloading pbdirectory:

* Could not remove old module /var/www/html/admin/modules/ to install new version


Is anybody else getting this?
Vanilla remote hosted installation with all other updates
What’s the work around, please?
Many thanks!

Yep, I’m getting the same thing. I’m running PBXInAFlash if it matters.

Check permissions on pbdirectory under /var/www/html/admin/modules - should be 775.

I have been having a similarly related problem where Feature Code 411 refused to work.

Nope, problem still exists. I think that I resolved it though by un-installing the module, then going to that directory and re-naming it, then re-installing it.

uninstall it in FreePBX

mv pbdirectory/ pbdirectory.old

reinstall using FreePBX

This environment is generic and loaded from a proven image,
and upgraded only from the recommended procedures (i.e., no hacks),
so I do not think it is a special case.
Is there a “known answer” to this obvious bug/weakness, please?
I am trying very hard to keep this a squeaky clean install
Many thanks!