Pbdirectory Module Broken After Upgrade to 2.6.0 Beta2

OK. I upgraded and all went well except for the pbdirectory module indicating it is broken. I am reluctant to uninstall and attempt a reinstall as I don’t want to lose my directory data.

were there any errors when it installed that indicated why it broke? A permission issue possibly or something like that? Would be helpful to know or if anyone else ran into this?

As far as uninstalling and reinstalling, doesn’t look like there are any db tables and there is no uninstall.php script with that module so there should be no harm done in doing that.

I get the same error after removing and trying to reinstall pbdirectory:

"Downloading pbdirectory
Untarring…Error(s) downloading pbdirectory:

* Could not remove old module /var/www/html/admin/modules/pbdirectory to install new version"

I checked and both the directory and the module are owned by asterisk:asterisk

I just manually removed pbdirectory as root and then re-ran the install and it worked correctly.

in the future, you may first want to try:

amportal chown

I think the above affects the permissions also (I think…)

This was clearly related to permission changes from default - it’s possible to set the permissions so that the owner can’t modify it without forcing it which the code does not do (for defensive reasons).

Also seems to happen with Phonebook Directory

I uninstalled the broken pbdirectory but I cannot see how to re-install it

I did a check for module updates and nothing new came up (Standard or Extended Repository)


PBXiaf 1.755 with FreePBX if it matters