Pbdirectory gone?

I upgraded to FreePBX 16. pbdirectory module had to be uninstalled in order to upgrade. Unfortunately, after completing the upgrade, the IVR’s user look up feature is gone! What should I do?

What is an IVR user lookup feature? I just reminded myself of all the IVR fields and not seeing anything that matches that description. Are you talking about direct dial from Directory?

Are you talking about direct dial from Directory?
I’m sorry for the confusion.
@lgaetz Yes, that’s correct!

It’s the feature “to dial by entering the first few letters of the personal last name”…then if there’s a match, it will say the name and prompt if caller wants to connect.

That feature doesn’t use pbdirectory, it continues to work the way it always has in 16.

However, after I upgraded, Freepbx complains that “Phone book directory” doesn’t exist.
What would cause this?

Our IVR uses press # to access the staff directory.

If I am confusing two separate modules, I apologize.

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