PAY for support in call forwarding? or not? Pay or not to pay?

I have lastest version of freePBX installed in a dual core 1.8Ghz, 2GB Ram notebook. All ok, no problem, very, very happy with all. But since 2 years I have tryed to improve the call forwarding (using followme or with call forward feature).
The problem its the delay in the voice of around 1 second when I answer my cell phone. Thats all. 1 second around of delay in a conversation.
I have tryed another pc (core I5 with 6gb Ram) and the same result.
Should I pay for support?? or not?? Maybe this is the whay it works and theres is nothing to fix?
Greetings from Chile

The support from the guys on the Helpdesk is outstanding!

My only complaint is that if you don’t use your hours with in 3months they get cancelled… That sucks!

I’d first look at the connectivity you are using. How is the call being diverted to your mobile? Do you use a SIP trunk in and SIP trunk out? Are you using analogue or ISDN lines? Are you using a GSM gateway?

Hi Lee Mason.
Thanks for reply!!
Iam using Analogue (PSTN) normal lines trought a gateway (Grandstream gxw4104), the call is forwarded directly trought feature code of FreePbx, also I have used “follow me” but the result is te same. I also have tryed with a good VoIp provider instead of my GXW4104 and the result of 1 second small delay its the same. Also tryed a mix combination of receive the call in the GXW4104 and forwarded trought the VoIp provider, same result.
Any advice?

Just to confirm is this a 1 second delay in dialling or is it actually a 1 second delay when you are speaking? If you simply dial your mobile from the PBX do you still get the delay?

Hi Lee Mason.
Its 1 second delay when We speak. It happens using any type of call forwarding to a cell phone. If I dial a mobile number it works normally, without delay.

How are you aware of this 1 second delay?

When a client call to my office, and I have turned on Call forwarding to my cell phone, We crash when We are talking, like in the old times making international calls result in a similar issue (year 2007 and before aprox.)

Very odd and to be clear if an internal extension calls your forwarded extension the same thing happens?

Do this for me:

1 - Please a call to your cell phone without call forwarding that works.

2 - While the call in step 1 is up run the command ‘sip show channels and core show channels’ capture the output

3 - Repeat the procedure with call forwarding on for an impaired call.

4 - Post data to forum, noting which set is successful and which is failed. Feel free to redact any personal data like phone numbers.