Pauses Don't Survive Reboot -- or do they?


So we’re struggling to figure out whether pause states and reasons can survive a reboot or an amportal restart… I am assuming that they do not… or am I wrong?

Assuming that they do not, our next plan was to write a script to auto-pause every static agent on reboot.

I know that this command will do the trick for a single queue:

queue pause member Local/[email protected]/n queue 8001 reason Reboot

…but I cannot figure out how to apply a reason if I do not specify a queue… ? Using:

queue pause member Local/[email protected]/n reason Reboot

simply fails.

And before anyone asks, we are using static agents because we cannot seem to get dynamic agents to work properly with iSymphony and FreePBX because we are in user&device mode.


For now, I would just like to pause all agents with a script that executes after reboots. Or, am I missing something? Thanks!

(FreePBX with Asterisk 11)