Patton SmartNode 4524 4 port fxo FreePBX 13 basic config

I got a Patton SN4524/JO/EUI 4 PORT FXO Gateway and I’m working on getting it configured but I’m trying to wrap my brain around how it connects to freepbx. I’m running fpbx 13 & I used the patton wizard to generate a config, but I don’t see it registered to my fpbx.

In fpbx 13, do you create an extension and a trunk for each port on the patton or just a trunk or just an extension or what?

Any help would be appreciated.

If it is an FXO gateway, the usual choice is to create a trunk.

Is there a step by step guide somewhere I can follow? or maybe just a list of tasks that need to be done on the patton & tasks that need to be done in freepbx. I’ve searched but am not finding anything. I’ve used the patton wizard, but it doesn’t show up as registered on asterisk info in freepbx.