Patch for PrintExtension module. Where to submit


I modified the PrintExtension so that the user can select to sort the list not only by extension, but also by name or DID.

How and to who should I submit such a patch?


You would submit all such patches as tickets on the development site (as if you were reporting a bug, see menu item on right). However, version 2.5 no longer has the DIDs and has changed significantly. So any patch against 2.4 will not be useful.

If you have not had a look at 2.5, you may want to. What would be really desirable for 2.5 is to have an ability to choose which sections (extensions, ringgroups, featurecodes, etc) that you want to view, as well as any sorting choices that you may want to include. A set of check boxes or something like that would be great.