I don’t understand - why I am blocked out of certain parts of the FreePBX Interface

It asks for a User Name & Password, and no matter what I give it - it wont allow me in.

I can get in the FreePBX Administration section, but cannot get in Config Edit, System Info, & PhPmyAdmin sections

If I have the Password to get in as Admin - why can’t I get in all sections, It just doesnt make sense.

I try to make sure the Admin is uptodate in the Administration section, but to no avail, it does not work.

Why should there be a mystery behind changing the Master PW, and assigning Permissions.

It should be intuitive - but it is not and it is frustrating.

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you

if so, what version?

Yes it is

I just recently downloaded and installed - it worked pretty smooth

but Passwords are kinda hidden.

I dont recall it asking for passwords for 4 different users on install

just one - the Root Password

Anyway - I think I may have to reinstall it all over again.

I mistakenly changed some access points for the Admin, and now I am limited to only one section, and am unable to reset it back to the original.

Is there away to reset the Admin’s privileges ???

If not - I will have to simply re-install it over again.





and then