Password Lost

I can’t log in to FreePBX GUI.

For some reason the password is no longer being accepted (I know the password as I use it regularly).

I am using, is there a way to reset the password using the terminal login? - I know there used to be by editing the manager.conf and amportal.conf directly, but I don’t think this works anymore?



echo “update ampusers set password_sha1=’echo -n newpassword|sha1sum|cut -d ' ' -f 1’ where username=‘admin’;”|mysql -umysqluser -pmysqlpassword asterisk

  • you need to know your mysql password
  • That all should go into one line
  • change newpassword=you new freepbx password
  • change mysqluser=yourmysqluser (that has access to the ‘asterisk’ table
  • change mysqlpassword = yourmysqlpassword

Also, there should be no spaces after the -u and -p, it should look like that above. i.e -umysqluser -pmysqlpassword