Passing + sign through outbound routes / trunk


How do i call this testnumber with Asterisk/Freepbx ?
+43 780 0047113

I’m using a sip2sip account and when dialing this number with my phone directly connected to sip2sip i works but when dialing through asterisk it will not work. I get all kind of errors depending on ‘syntax’ of number.

I have a working route with pattern 95 but how do i add the + sign ?? Tried to att + in the dial pattern but no success :frowning:

sip2sip requiers the + sign.

Any ideas ??

We are sending full E164 with Asterisk/FreePBX with no problem.

On the phone, the user dials 00264XXX… for example, and our trunk rule replaces 00 with +.

How do you have your rules configured?

Trunk rules are left blank.
Outbound rules is 95|.
Have tried +95|. and 95|+. Allso tried enum trunk but that doesn’t seem to work at all.

Set the trunk context to from-pstn-e164-us

Hold your horses :wink:
Please explain that, i’m no Asterisk expert (yet)! Where do i set what ?

You set it in the context option of your inbound trunk.

I’m trying to call out - not in…

Oh, I thought you wanted it stripped on inbound calls for redial, guess that was another thread.

You need to have the +95 in the prepend field of your outbound route, not in the trunk.

What version of FreePBX are you using?

hmm, Ver (i think)
Added +43 in prepend, but does not work. Gives reorder in phone.

95 i choosed randomly to access the SIP provider sip2sip.
rule now (+43)+95|. (prepend)prefix|match
Those rules are so confusing…