Passing originally-dialed DID to endpoint

Good afternoon, all. I’m doing some testing with an external FAX server and we’re needing the originally-dialed DID to be passed to the FAX server (for obvious reasons).

Here’s the catch…
When I allow the FAX server to register as an endpoint, then I can control it’s restrictions, etc, but no DNIS is delivered to the endpoint to indicate what the originally-dialed number was.

The inbound DID match is: _XXXXXXXXXX (Destination of the registered extension for the FAX server).

When I instead build a trunk for the FAX server, then everything is delivered as expected, but I’m not able to have any control over it’s outbound dialing permissions (because it’s a trunk-to-trunk call).

Thoughts on how I can still register the FAX server as an endpoint, yet still have the originally-dialed DID information passed to that endpoint?


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