Passing name from phonebook to VOIP phones?

Currently VOIP soft phones are showing the CID of the caller without any name that is found in the FreePBX phone book module after a successful search. Is it possible to setup FreePBX to instead or also pass along the callers name so that there would be no need to also program all contacts into each and every soft phone?

You need to make sure CID Superfecta is working - that’s probably the easiest way to connect the Asterisk phonebook to your phone.

Superfecta is installed and active on the inbound line. I can see FreePBX is looking up callers CID as per the logs however, names are not passed through to soft phone extensions.

My question remains, is it possible for FreePBX to check the numbers of callers, match to a name in the phone book and then proceed to sent not just the telephone number but also a name and/or telephone number found from the phone book.

So that each extension device would not have to have it’s own telephone/contact list setup.