Passing inbound CLI to a diverted destination

If an extension has Call Forwarding (*72) how do I get the inbound CLI to display on the destination?

I have tried the following:-

Set Generate Diversion Headers to Yes as per

Removed CID from Trunk and Outbound Route and added CID to Extensions as per

Tried sendRPID to ‘no’ on extensions and advanced settings

Added settings as per

Nothing works, I still get private number coming up on mobile I am diverted to. Take the divert off and the correct CLI is displayed.

Any help would be appreciated.

As requested here is the full call log
+441111777777 is the number called
12345678912 is the Caller
998765432198 is the mobile number that calls are diverted too (prefixed with a 9)

32000 character limit won’t allow me to paste the log here, so here is a link Call Log

When you say CLI I’m assuming you are talking about Caller ID number. We need a call example -

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Hi Andrew
I have edited the original post and included the log of the complete call.

I cannot view the log. Please post it to the FreePBX pastebin per the Wiki link I sent you

Done, thanks

full-20211104:[2021-11-03 16:29:11] VERBOSE[49261][C-0007a66e] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:43] Set("SIP/Voicehosts-0005995f", "__KEEPCID=TRUE") in new stack

It should be passing through the original caller ID. If it’s coming up as private, do you have your outbound trunk configuration overriding the caller ID? You may need to send the call through the Set CallerID module, or try using Follow-me instead.

Hello @smelvin,

You need to speak with Voicehosts support and sign a presentation form that will allow you to present numbers that are not in your range (Calling Line Identification (CLI) regulatory changes | VoiceHost - UK VoIP Provider).

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

Thanks Andrew. I saw that too, hence the reason for the confusion for me.
I turned off CID on the outbound route and the trunk, and just have CID on the extensions.
The issue is the divert needs to be done manually at the end of the day and could be a different mobile number each time or sometimes. There should be a structure to it, which would make life easy, but there isn’t and its pretty much decided on the night (not really, but feels like it.)

Hi Daniel

The issue is that we don’t own the numbers that need forwarded on, they belong to the caller.


Hi @smelvin,

You do not need to own the numbers, you need Voicehost’s approval to present numbers that do not belong to you. Usually, you need to send a PAI header with your main number as identification.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

Hi Daniel

Sorry i just read that last sentence about providing evidence that you own the number.
I will ask.
Been on to Voicehost support and they have sent me a form to sign. I will report back if it works. Thanks again Daniel. Fingerscrossed.

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