Passing CallerID Num to Peer issue

Hi All.

Have an issue with passing CallerID Number across an Internal Peer Trunk.
To sum up our setup. We have a Freepbx system setup in front of an existing Allworx PBX.

Calls are passing fine from the FreePBX system to Allworx and vise versa. FreePBX is setup simply for Fax Detection. So the inbound route is quite simple, if no fax is detected it forwards all callers to Trunk- Allworx.
However, on received calls. We are getting the CallerID Name, but it’s not passing the Number. Instead its passing the number of the Carrier SIP trunk hooked up to FreePBX.

Example. Call from Jon Doe at 555-555-5555 is showing up as
Jon Doe

Where 123-456-7890 is the Caller ID Number of the Primary SIP Trunk for external calling.

Previous to this the Carrier Trunk was hooked up to the Allworx, and displayed CallerID Name and Number without issue. So we know the Carrier is sending correctly.

Is your tie-line trunk using the context from-internal ?

Yep. Here is what the settings look like


And the “Route Type” in the appropriate outbound route?

Dicko I only have one outbound route to capture the calls coming from Allworx outbound.
So I have no Type Set on it.

Its setup to route all Call’s out the carrier Sip trunk.

Then I suggest you didn’t read the “pop up help” on that page, please start by digesting the wiki here (all of it, twice or more if necessary)

Dicko, I’d appreciate any guidance you can give us.

This is at a customer site, that we just got pushed into taking over. It’s a pinch situation.
So I’d love to read the Wiki 2 or 3 times if needed. But this situation doesn’t allow me that liberty.

Infortuanately I neither have the time to read it to you :wink: did you at least look at the popup stuff?

I understand. I’ll just BS them till I get it figured out.

After reading my original post, I’m hoping it made sense.

The CID Name/Number displayed on the Phones during an Incoming call are the issue. Not outgoing CID information.

Twice I suggested you look at the “Pop-Up” help, twice you ignored me. Obliquely I will ask you are your outbound routes type “Emergency” or perhaps something else?

Dicko, Yes I looked at the Pop Up Stuff. Sorry not ignoring you, just simply overwhelmed.

Its not set to emergency, nothing is checked. Neither Intra Company or Emergency.

I was just trying to get outbound working for them, so I’m just sending all calls matching either 991, 7 or 10 digit dialing out the Carrier SIP Trunk. Thankfully this is working.

I’m actually in the Wiki now…:slight_smile:

Is not your route “within” (google “latin prefix intra”) your Company?

Yes…:slight_smile: I’m just to much of a Newbie with this to get the concept. Quite sad…anyways here is the setup flow. From the top down.

Carrier SIP>>>>FreePBX>>>Trunk to Allworx>>>Allworx>>>Phone

So I was hoping that one Inbound Route rule on the Freepbx box would accomplish Detecting the Fax ( which is does Yay me) and then pass all other traffic to the Trunk for the Allworx. Just confused as to why its dropping the Caller ID Num and replacing with the Carrier Trunk Number. Keeps the Caller ID Name.

This all got started because this customer had RingCentral which offered Fax on the same number. They ended up giving out their Main Number as Fax and Voice. So they decide to port to a new service provider, install an Allworx box. Suddenly they were getting Fax Calls. Wouldn’t be a huge issue except its a Dr Office that has that fax number on all their referral forms, insurance claim paperwork, etc.
Not that you wanted that full story…just filling the gaps.

You need professional help, I suggest

I agree. I have no time to fiddling around on this one.

Thanks for your help.

Well some good news Dicko. While waiting on the powers to be to approve me paying some money for professional help. I stumbled upon this idea.

Remove fromuser=pbx
From my Tie Trunk settings.

That has improved the situation into sending. CallerID NAME and 7 digits of the number…its still dropping prefix…but exciting times non the less for me. :smile:

That is one reason why reading the wiki will save you time and effort.

Yeah. I’ve dug in that wiki plenty of concepts for IAX peers not so much on
SIP friend peers.
I’m still digging though. :slight_smile: weeee

You got to love google

specifically the

What if I want to use SIP Trunks?
If you want to use SIP Trunks, then at least one of your two systems must have external ports forwarded or be exposed directly to the internet. Setup is much more complicated, and you should also carefully set-up your firewall to keep out unauthorized users.


Ha! Sorry took forever to circle back around to this.

In anycase, we got this working. Turns out removing the fromuser field resolved the issue.
We discovered that the Allworx has a section in which you enter your local area codes, I assume some people use this. But when entered, it drops the area code off the caller ID. Once we removed those all is well.

So to sum up for anyone else out there, that might end up with an Allworx behind a FreePBX box.
The following does work.

We accomplished this with 1 outbound route that sends all calls from the allworx out the Carrier SIP trunk connected to the FreePBX box. There is no additional route for Intra-Company. etc.

Thanks all!