Passing caller ID to an analogue device

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I am setting up VoIP in my friend’s small cafe using my FreePBX (version 13.0.83) hosted on a VM in the cloud. She has a ePOS system that is connected to the phone line and when customers call, their name and address show up on the ePOS screen and she can take their order. I need to know how I can pass the caller ID to her ePOS.

Currently, the ePOS is plugged into a dongle which connects to the phone socket (standard RJ11). In her premise, I have to put a phone (I still haven’t purchased one for her, pending outcome of this question) and somehow, directly or via a dongle/converter I need to get the caller ID and pass it to the ePOS in the form of RJ11 (the ePOS’ interface is a standard phone cable).

Can you please advise on what I should do or look at?

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You could use a small FXS / telephone adaptor.
I forget if they call them PAP or ATA.
But one that you would normally connect a Telephone.

Cisco 2102 perhaps but that may be a dual port.

You then just set that up as an extension to also ring on inbound calls.
Connect the efpos to that socket and it will feel like the phone is ringing as normal.

about £20 or 4000 shell-beads.

Very simple to configure

An option is to use a cisco SPA-3102
This will give you one Telephone socket as well as being able to connect direct to the original PSTN line. Perhaps also giving a fail over incase the internet is down.
Configure the Voip service to divert to the pstn if the PBX is unreachable.


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You can also use a bundle of different Voip enabled routers (for the efpos)
Most will not give you the failover dialout via pstn
Some are easier than others but I do not have a pre written list.

But for £20 the SPA-2101 device will sort it out


Oh £20 was way over priced.!!
As an Example

That will give you two simulated phone sockets.
So 1 for the efpos and a spare for an other purpose (old phone, Fax)

This will not give you the “FailOver” plan I mentioned.
you need the 3102 or similar for that.
Think of the 3102 as a phone junction sitting between the phone line and the phone(efpos).

Then with Freepbx you can dial out to the phone(efpos) or the phone line as well as receiving calls from either the phone or phone line.


Thank you soooooooooo much HV

I will go through these options, test them and get back to you.

Best wishes