Pass SIP feature codes

Hi guys,

I’ve been googling around a bit but I’m not even sure how to describe my issue.

Basically I want to type in some feature codes on my SIP line.

For example, I want to access the SIP provider voicemail, by dealing *98.

Of course if I dial *98 it will access FreePBX’s (or Asterisk’s) voicemail system.

So how can I do that please?

In your example, go to Admin > Feature codes and turn off *98



or create a prepend rule on your outbound route …
ie prepend 5 then dial *98 then select provider trunk.
In threory it should strip the 5 and send *98 to your provider… this way you can keep internal voicemail active as well :smile:
You will need an outbound route for *98 regardless as just disabling the feature code will not work as the system will not know where to send that call …

@pezzz has it ALMOST right! Create an outbound route with a PREFIX of 9, not a prepend. Then when you dial 9*98, the 9 will be stripped off, and then *98 will be sent to the provider.

oops … i always get them mixed up unless i am looking at the screen …
sorry for the mis information … :smile:

You can also create a misc dest and misc app to just dial a single number that will dial the 9*98 for you which combined with the above will be a single digit dial for voicemail :slight_smile: remap the message button on your phone and although you won’t get mwi, at least just pressing the button will work :slight_smile:

Nice !

Thanks @xrobau and @pezzz !!