Pass DID from FreePBX to FreePBX

I got 2 FreePBX server,
Server A have VOIP trunk configured on it and some local extension.
Server B have Local extension only.

When a call from a specific DID is received on Server A the call is passed to Server B via SIP.
Server B receive the call but the DID is not received from Server A so the Incoming route per DID is not working…

Does its possible to pass the DID received from the VOIP Trunk in Server A to Server B ?


There are a couple things to try. The first is to pass the call through “SetCallerID”. Not sure how to handle that, precisely, for intra-PBX calls but it would give you a place to start looking.

You can look at the “trustrpid” group of settings. Setting all of these to “true” should allow the passage of what would be considered untrustworthy CID information to the other PBX.

Make sure you aren’t overriding the existing caller ID settings with trunk settings. Setting the trunk between your PBXes as an “intracompany” trunk should help with that.

The DID might be preserved on the receiving end of the call in the SIP header as rdins or dnis. If it is lost, you will need to create custom code on each end of the call to first add the DID as a custom SIP header, and then another context on the far end to extract the DID.