Pass CID when diverted to mobile

G’day everyone,

I have 2 DID numbers from my provider. I have set up the first number to ring in the office (very basic setup). The second number I want to divert directly to a mobile phone but I want it to pass the original callers CID to the mobile, not our IAX trunk phone number.

Any suggestions?

There are lots of ways to do it. The method I use is not standard, but it should give you the idea: I’m currently using this methodology for about 20 diverts and they are all working fine.

  1. I use VoipInnovations for my incoming lines, and I’ve had problems with one-way audio on diverted calls going back out through the same provider. Because of that, I set up a “prepaid” account with “” for this lone purpose. I specifically chose CallWithUs because they honor the outbound Caller ID that I send (not all VOIP providers and even fewer hardline providers allow foreign caller IDs).

  2. I set up an outgoing trunk that goes to this new account. In the setup, I designate that only the cell phones I want forwarded to will use this trunk.

  3. I set up Miscellaneous Destinations for each of the phone numbers I’m going to be forwarding to. I name them something like “Cell 1 5551212”.

  4. I set up the CallerID module to set the outbound caller ID to the original call’s caller ID. The destination for the outbound call is “Cell 1 5551212”.

  5. I set up an incoming route that points the DID in question to the outbound Caller ID module. This then points the call to the outgoing Miscellaneous Destination, which goes out to the CWU trunk and life is good.

One interesting advantage of this methodology is that systems that do not allow call forwarding (if you’ve worked with the Federal Penal System, you know what I’m talking about) allow these calls to pass.