Pass CID to external extension

Please bear with me as I know this topic has been discussed previously, but I have yet to find a resolution.

Asterisk (Ver.
FreePBX (Ver.
SIP Trunks only

 An inbound call is picked up by my IVR, they select the option to be transferred to the desired party, which happens to be an extension pointing to a cell phone, configured as - SIP/118210_outbound/#######6088.
 The call reaches the cell number as expected, but the CID on the cell shows the DID of the FreePBX system rather than the original caller.

 Can it be configured to send the original callers number?

Thank you.

This will work only if your SIP provider allows you to spoof any phone number. Some providers only allow you to change the called ID to numbers you own. Do you know if your provider will let you specify and number or just your numbers?

You are correct that this topic has been discussed previously. Did you read any of those posts? They pretty much explain exactly what I have said here.

I apologize for not mentioning that in my first post, but according to the rep at my provider, they do allow any number. Any Thoughts?

Below is the text from a support chat session with my provider…

[Me] I am using freepbx, and want to be able to pass the original callers CID when forwarding to an external extension such as a cell phone. Does you support this?
[VoIP Provider] Yes, the callerID information is handled by your own PBX system.
[Me] right, but this will only work on my system if you allow me to spoof any numbers, not just my own. Is this allowed by you?
[VoIP Provider] Yes.
[Me] thank you sir, I appreciate the help.

However, as mentioned in my opening post, when the call is forwarded to the external extension, the extension sees the CID of my system rather than the original caller.

Any further guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Test it by change the CID in you extension or outbound route to any phone number and make a call. If the number show up correctly that the allow it if not either the don’t allow it or something is broke.

Logs of the call showing the number that is handed off to the SIP provider will help prove you case.

[SOLVED] Pass CID to external extension

Thanks for the help. I tested as you stated and still got a failure. Fortunately, that got the hamster wheel turning and a light came on!!! The CID was specified in my DID settings on my VoIP providers portal. I cleared that, and all is well with the world.

Very grateful, thank you.