Pass Caller ID to extension on transfer

When a inbound call comes into an extension and then is transferred to another extension, the end destination does not recieve the original callerid but the extension that transferred the call. Is there a way to configure FreePBX/Asterisk to transfer the CallerID through on an attended transfer?

Look at trustrpid and sendrpid for each extension. This feature only works if your phones support it.

Thanks. I assume the settings on the phone (Cisco in this case) for sendrpid need to be considered?

Does the phone setting override the PBX extension or vice versa?

Activating it on the PBX just tells Asterisk to send the CONNECTEDLINE info. The phone still has to be set to use it in its’ confg.

Here is some additional info about it in Asterisk

We have Cisco 303 phones. Do these phones support this capability? If so what configuration needs to be set on the phone to get this to work. So far haven’t been able to get this to work.

One other thing to note is that if you do a real SIP attended transfer, the PABX has no idea that the call is not an independent call on the second line on the phone until the transfer is completed, so the number displayed whilst the callee is ringing can only be that of the transferror.

I don’t have enough experience of feature code transfers to know how caller ID is handled for those.