Partition for 2x RAID1

Hello friends
i have new server with 2x 512GB NVME + 2x 6TB HDD
so I wonder how I can install Freepbx to save call recordings on HDD RAID1

Once you have the drive mounted, under Settings > Advanced Settings you can set the Call Recordings location/path.

(I think you’ll need to restart the PBX afterwards, but may be unnecessary)

thanks for the advice good point
but I mostly thinking about partition –
for example i know that automated install needs only 2 hard drives but i have 4
so my question is – shall I disable 2x HDD in bios make automatic installation and then connect HDD in bios after somehow adding additional raid to mdadm
shall i use advanced settings and create 2 RAID1 and mount second one to /var/spool/asterisk/monitor (!!! not sure that i can mount because path is not there)

The advanced one should work but be careful that if you are using gpt/EFI then best just to use straight partitions (not lvm) and include separate /boot/efi raid1 partitions separately so efibooting works from either drive

Raid1 the larger pair and mount it on /var/spool/asterisk in fstab using it’s UUID

So three raids for /, /boot/efi and /var/spool/asterisk. Plus I use a swapfile at /.swapfile because it’s 2022 and swap doesn’t benefit from a raided swap partition

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